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Ernst Leitz Museum – Steve McCurry: “The Eyes of Humanity”

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The Eyes of Humanity

Exhibition from 21 April 2021 – 10 October 2021

From April 20 to October 10, 2021, the Ernst Leitz Museum Wetzlar is presenting “The Eyes of Humanity”, an exhibition of works by the US American and Magnum photographer Steve McCurry – a personal selection taken from his 40-year oeuvre.

His photographs tell stories and have made history. At the intersection between reportage, portrait, travel and landscape photography, the US American Steve McCurry (born 1950) has long been considered one of the great photographers of our times.  For “The Eyes of Humanity” exhibition, the Magnum photographer has personally selected around 90 colour motifs that have special meaning for him, while also offering a wonderful overview of his rich body of work. The photographs were taken over the last forty years in a total of 26 countries.

They include motifs from catastrophic and crisis situations, such as the burning oil fields of Kuwait in 1991, and the destruction of the World Trade Centre Twin Towers in New York on 9/11/2001. There are also impressive landscapes and everyday scenarios; and, above all, images that deal with the fates of an extremely broad range of people and communities around the world.

Due to his inexhaustible energy and empathetic curiosity, McCurry managed, repeatedly, to draw attention to those who would otherwise remain unnoticed. His photographs reveal the world’s contrasts: its beguiling beauty, as well as its abysmal depths.

Watch the interview with Steve McCurry hosted by Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, Art Director and Chief Representative of Leica Galleries International:

Would you like to take a look at the exhibition “The Eyes of Humanity” by the American Magnum photographer Steve McCurry? Join us on a journey through different countries, cultures and decades…

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